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The Baker's Memory


The worldwide food system has collapsed. Much of the world’s population starved or died of food-born illness. Farming becomes impossible. Out of the ruins a savior arises. Dr. James Jasper creates a food substitute called EZ Meal that saves humanity from complete annihilation. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, Jasper Industries becomes a worldwide totalitarian power controlling the only known food source.


But EZ Meal isn’t the only way. A small secret community finds a way to farm and cook food. The Foodies are convinced that humanity lost something important when we lost real food and they’re waiting for the right time to strike against Jasper Industries.


Maureen Baker is an outsider. She’s already lost her library privileges for radical thinking when she learns that her friend, Matthew Miller, has joined the Foodies. Her life is altered forever when she resolves to find them. As her mission advances she uncovers a conspiracy, falls in love and saves humanity.



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